“Two On A Horse” Featured at Guesthouse

Two On A Horse,” my short story about the long-defunct Coney Island Steeplechase amusement park ride, has just been republished online by the mighty Guesthouse as part of their blog series Relish: An Internet Archive.

Riders enjoy the Coney Island Steeplechase, c. 1940s

You can read “Two On A Horse” right here!

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“Lady, The Mind-Reading Mare” reprinted in the Santa Fe Writers’ Project Quarterly

My mysterious short story about Lady Wonder, the Nostradamus of horses, has been graciously reprinted by the Santa Fe Writers’ Project Quarterly, just in time for spooky season.

One starlit night when I was working on this story, my good friend Karen and I tried to contact Lady Wonder using an ouija board at her barn.

It didn’t work.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad?

At any rate, you can read “Lady, The Mind-Reading Mare” right here:

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“The Lost Hoof of Fire Horse #12” in Footnote, 7/14/20

“The Lost Hoof of Fire Horse #12,” my short story surmising the provenance of a very particular gutta-percha dipped paperweight, will be published in the fourth edition of Footnote: A Literary Journal of History on 7/14/20.


From the publisher, Alternating Current Press:

“The fourth issue of our annual literary publication contains 48 works of poetry, photographs, fiction, essays, articles, and nonfiction by 33 authors about various historical topics. Within these pages, you will find contemporary outlooks on history right alongside little-known public domain works that feel as fresh and as vibrant (and as scary) as if they were written today. Here, the old meets the new, and you’ll discover fascinating history from a personal, accessible, non-scholarly literary approach.”

“Trigger Warnings: slavery, racism, gun violence, animal amputation, death in childbirth, bullfighting, suicide, Native American massacres and betrayal by whites, climate trauma, light sexual content of transgender transitioning, light nudity in 16th-c. paintings, animal cruelty, child death (mild horror).”

Get your copy for $10.99 right here!

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There hasn’t been much news to post here since I’ve spent the past year working on a novel instead of short stories, which are easier to publish and read aloud at bookstores.

What you should picture in this space instead is a scene akin to the fourth season of The Real World: London (!) when the MTV casting execs thought, “you know what would be a hip addition to this aspirational Notting Hill loft? A real live WRITER!”

Remember how that writer, who was also named J(ay), spent the whole season scrunching his face up at Microsoft Works on his giant boxy 1990s computer monitor?

That’s where I’m at right now.

In other words, watch this space.

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Reading at Left Bank Books With Allison Coffelt, 5/31


Allison Coffelt Eventt

Allison Coffelt, out of doors.

I’ll be reading at 7 p.m. on Thursday, 5/31 at Left Bank Books in St. Louis, as the opening act for the amazing Allison Coffelt! The event is free and open to the public.

Allison is promoting her debut essay collection, Maps Are Lines We Draw: A Road Trip Through Haiti, out now from Lanternfish Press.

From the publisher’s website: “Maps Are Lines We Draw explores the culture and natural beauty of the island as well as its discomfiting realities: the threat well-intentioned aid organizations can present to the local economy; the privilege that determines who gets to travel between a “here” and a distant “there” which is foreign and other; and the challenge of doing short-term good without creating long-lasting harm.”


Me, indoors.

As for me, I’m still repping Ashland Creek Press’s Among Animals 2: The Lives of Humans and Animals in Contemporary Short Fiction, though I’ll probably read something newer.

Hope to see you at Left Bank, St. Louis!






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Fearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal Out Now

Fearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal, has been published!

Put together by some of the fine folks who bring you The Laurel Review, this new journal features 178 pages of work that “provides a window into the Y generation’s creative psyche, with poems, prose, and visual art from around the world.”


The inaugural issue includes “War Story,” my short story about American protestation that doesn’t have any horses in it, not even metaphorically, or at all.

You can buy the issue here, or check out the journal’s website, which features a rotating selection of works from the print journal. I’ll share a link to “War Story” if/when it appears.



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“War Story” Accepted by Fearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal

“War Story,” an existential crisis story I wrote a long while ago, after learning that the United States was at war with Iraq (again), has found a home in the inaugural issue of Fearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal, which will be published by Green Tower Press in April-May 2018.


Since I was born in 1980, I consider myself part of the micro-generation clumsily known as “The Oregon Trail Generation,” “Xennials,” or “Generation Catalano,” but the grand sweep of history (and this magazine) defines we “cuspers” as the very oldest possible millennials, so here I am!

I’m looking forward to the launch of this exciting new journal, and am pleased to be included.

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“The Happy Family” in Sundress Publications’ Curious Specimens Anthology

My little Barnum Museum short-short “Case No. 37: The Happy Family” has been included in Curious Specimens, a Sundress Publications anthology of the odd, uncanny, and macabre, curated by the marvelous Wren Hanks and Beth Couture.

You can read the whole book for free here! “The Happy Family” lives on page 67.


A 501(c)3 non-profit literary press collective founded in 2000, Sundress Publications publishes chapbooks and full-length works in both print and digital formats, and hosts a variety of online journals.

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“One Trick Pony” is a Pushcart Prize Nominee

“One Trick Pony,” my story about the traumatic filming of Jesse James (1939), has been selected by Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley, as one of the journal’s Pushcart Prize nominees for 2017.


Essentially, this means the editors of Big Muddy have chosen “One Trick Pony” as one of the six best pieces published in the journal this year, and are making it eligible to be considered for the annual Pushcart Prize anthology.

The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series, published every year since 1976, is one of the most honored literary projects in America, collecting the finest work from small literary magazines across the nation.

“One Trick Pony” is forthcoming in issue 17.2 of Big Muddy. This is my third Pushcart nomination.

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“The Lost Hoof of Fire Horse #12” Accepted by Footnote: A Literary Journal of History

“The Lost Hoof of Fire Horse #12,” my short story about an unexpected equine amputation in our nation’s flammable capital, has been accepted by Footnote: A Literary Journal of History for publication in the spring/summer 2018 issue. The story is also a semifinalist for the Charter Oak Award for Best Historical, which is awarded annually by the magazine.


Published by Alternating Current Press, Footnote is “an annual literary publication dedicated to historical and contemporary views on history. It contains poetry, maps and historical photographs, fiction, essays, articles, and nonfiction by various authors, both contemporary and historical, about any topic of history.”

In the meantime, you can read the inspiration for this story at the National Museum of American History’s blog at the Smithsonian Institution: http://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/hoof-fire-horse-number-12


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